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Harry Potter
I looked through old sketches and found this old Harry Potter one I felt like actually make into a drawing, so I did and here is the result :)
Harry Potter 4 is actually one of my favorites in the movie series, I think Harry looks coolest this year as well and I like the character Cedric, so yeah~ ^-^
Flippy - Happy Tree Friends
So I am not a fan of this series at all! In fact it scares me to death and traumatized my childhood. But there is one thing I liek and that is the amazing fanart some have made of it! And then there is the idea behind Flippy and is character story.. The poor thing.. He is a gentle soul, but because of war he has become a killer machine when there is something that reminds him of war.. he goes from sweet and innocent to psycho without him wanting to.. I feel so sad for him and it is actually a deep story on that certain subject and realistic thing they have added to his personality problem. And I also have a  certain thing for military guys! Hahah! :P I'm a bad bad kitteh!
Two sides of the same coin
Hetalia is one of my gem series and Germany has always been a dear characters to me, (just never felt I could draw that muscular man, haha xD ) and since the 2P Germany design was released, I quickly fell for that hottie Lutz as well! Damn those awesome Germans xD Hehe. I am happy to finally have the time to draw a bit more again and get to those handsome guys (Though my drawing skills can sadly not do those guys justice! Sorry Ludwig and Lutz! ),x )
Spark TEAM INSTINCT - Pokemon GO

~ Pokemon GO - Team Instinct! ~

As many others I am a big PokemonGO-DORK at the moment and I adore my Team Leader Spark so much, so I had to draw him as my hands were itching to do so! :3
This cheerful silly guy is such a lovely and fun character and all the great and hilarious art the many amazing people make of him (and the other leaders) lately are really entertaining to look at and helps to make my days a bit more cheerful at the time being :D
Pokemon GO has also been good at motivating me to get outside my door and make me walk my daily roads with a bit more interest and having fun with it. It may not last long, but I will just enjoy it while it last <3



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